Mercedes-Benz EQ Concept interior revealed

The three-pointed star has released interior photos of its Frankfurt-bound EQ concept, and it looks like a futuristic lounge.
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The pod bay doors have been opened, with Mercedes-Benz showcasing the futuristic interior of its EQ Concept on Facebook ahead of its Frankfurt debut.

There are four individual bucket seats straight out of the Jetsons apartment, as well as an enormous centre console extending the length of the cabin. There’s also another common concept car motif; an unusually shaped steering wheel.

The dashboard is dominated by a large central touchscreen that’s been styled to look as though it’s gently curving out of the centre console. There are also smaller displays on each door that appear to control the windows and, for passengers at least, the stereo.

Tesla has dazzled buyers for years with its enormous touch screen displays and they still look fresh, so Mercedes may want to match it by putting the EQ Concept’s central touchscreen in the production model.

The black trim and shape of the displays are reminiscent of current Mercedes models, as are the door-mounted controls for the seats.

The floor of the cabin is impressively flat thanks to the positioning of the EQ’s battery pack, though the interior would be even more visually spacious if it lost the giant console. Here’s hoping there’s at least some cupholders and storage nooks in that beast, though it’s hard to imagine the production model not also coming in a five-seater version.

Carscoops has published spy photographs of the production version of the EQ Concept, believed to wear the EQ S nameplate.

The paparazzi haven’t been able to snap the interior yet so it’s anyone’s guess as to how accurate a predictor the concept’s interior is, though the production model will differ by having B-pillars.

Spy photos of the next S-Class have revealed an expansive, Tesla-rivalling central display which bodes well for the EQS being so equipped.

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