New model takes the Coke-bottle shape to new extremes, and promises to have even more fizz out the back.
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The next-generation Porsche 911 Turbo has been spied undergoing testing outside the company's development headquarters.

This latest prototype is wearing even less camouflage than the convertible spotted last month, with just a bit of disguise tape around the tail-lights, badges and rear diffuser.

At the front the 911 Turbo has a slightly deeper chin spoiler, and a mildly reworked set of air intakes, behind which sit an impressive array of intercoolers.

We can see the Turbo has even wider rear wheel arches than its Carrera siblings, and the puffed up arches include air intakes along their leading face.

Out the back the bumper has been sculpted for a more aggressive look. In order to incorporate a diffuser the number plate holder has been moved from between the exhaust tips to a position higher up on the fascia.

A large wing positioned between the tail-lights and the engine vents completes the makeover.

The Turbo variants will once again be powered by a turbocharged six-cylinder boxer engine. No word yet on how much power and torque they will have, but we expect it to be more than the 397kW/660Nm and 427kW/700Nm available respectively in the current Turbo and Turbo S.

All-wheel drive, a dual-clutch transmission, torque vectoring, and dynamic dampers are all likely inclusions.

Given how little disguise is present on this car we expect the 911 Turbo to be launched soon, possibly at the Frankfurt motor show in September.