Would you like to be paid to drive people around a race track? Apply within!

Do you ever sit at home watching a car race wishing you could hammer a race car around a track and be paid for it?

Well, now's your chance. Adrenaline Fastrack V8 Race Experience is looking for a new instructor to join the company capable of offering hot laps and instruction behind the wheel for people wanting V8 race car thrills.

This paid role will net the successful applicant a 12 month contract, a wage of $500 per day worked and a guaranteed 70 work days per year.

Because we are consumer advocates, we wanted to make sure this job was legit, so I selflessly offered myself up as a guinea pig to see just how hard it would be to make the cut.

Fastrack offers V8 race experiences through Adrenaline (as passenger and driver) across Australia, with over 300,000 people getting into a V8 race car to experience the thrill for themselves. I joined the team at Sandown Raceway and buckled up in a Ford Falcon V8 race car to test my skills.

The audition process looks pretty straightforward, but it's nerve wracking to say the least! It begins with donning a race suit and helmet, signing a few forms and getting buckled up in a race car complete with roll cage and communication equipment.

From there you have constant one-on-one training with your driver trainer who guides you through 10 laps of the race track. During the session you'll learn about throttle control, apexes, being smooth, shifting fast and what they call 'cockpit style' – an issue for me, given how little style I normally have.

Following on from the 10-lap training session, we hit the track once more, but this time around the driver trainer stays silent and takes notes. Talk about pressure! In the actual audition, the top 10 drivers from around the country will then be shortlisted and win accommodation and transport to Sandown Raceway where they'll be timed with the fastest driver winning the instructor's job.

I had an incredible time and it was topped off by a few hot laps with racing legend John Bowe – that bloke knows how to steer!

What this experience has shown me is that driving a car around a race track consistently and quickly is hard. Imagine then adding another 20 cars into the mix and a requirement to communicate with a team and manage fuel, tyre wear and keeping the car in shape. Being a race driver is much harder than it looks.

If you think you have what it takes, or simply want to have a crack in a V8 race car, head to the Adrenaline Fastrack V8 Race Experience website and book in a session during the dates below. If you'd also like to take part in the audition process, Adrenaline is hosting sessions on the following days. Keep us posted if you make the cut!

  • Sydney Motorsport Park, Eastern Creek
  • Fri, 6 September 2019


  • Sandown Raceway, Springvale
  • Sun, 20 October 2019 (winner announced)

SA -

  • Barbagallo Raceway, Perth
  • Thu, 26 September 2019

If, on the other hand you want to get a gift for dad, Adrenaline has an experience to suit every budget and dad type in every state, so head to

Paul's experience was supplied by Adrenaline through Fastrack V8 Race Experience.

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