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McLaren GT by MSO: Bespoke luggage set revealed

The new McLaren GT can fit more luggage than any McLaren before, so along comes some McLaren-branded luggage.
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Ferrari watches. Porsche cologne. Aston Martin briefcases. There’s plenty of exotic-branded merchandise out there, and now McLaren GT owners can purchase a four-piece luggage set bearing the British marque’s name.

The Italian leather luggage has been designed exclusively for the new GT by McLaren Special Operations (MSO). The baggage set debuted on the Concept Car Lawn at this year’s Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance alongside a bespoke version of the company's new grand tourer.

Each piece uses the same semi-aniline leather and stitch pattern of the GT’s interior and is designed to match the GT’s launch colours.

There are three colourways: Pioneer Black, Luxe Black, and Luxe Porcelain. Pictured is the Pioneer set with its tasteful Barolo red stitching.

It’s perhaps the most on-brand of the colourways but one wonders what the porcelain-on-porcelain ensemble looks like. You’d be wise to ask your caddy to hold your golf bag at all times, though – one mustn’t have unsightly grass stains on one’s porcelain leather golf bag.

If you’ve never been great at luggage Tetris, MSO have helpfully advised prospective buyers how and where to pack the items in their McLaren GT.

The gist of it, though, is they can all neatly fit in the rear luggage space of the GT, leaving the smaller front luggage space for other items. You won’t need to strap anything to the roof Beverly Hillbillies-style.

Prices range from £1700 ($3080) for the garment case to £5000 ($9060) for the full-size golf bag. In between are the weekend bag and the cabin bag.

The cost of the whole set is £11,350 ($20,567) but if that price made you balk, you probably weren’t planning on spending approximately $400,000 on a McLaren GT.