Bosch developing 3D digital instruments

Bosch is promising three-dimensional instruments will make it easier to prioritise alerts – no red-and-blue glasses required.
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Bosch is working on new digital dashboard technology that could make three-dimensional displays a reality in your next car.

The idea behind three-dimensional dashboards is rooted in safety. Drivers are bombarded with information in modern cars as screens take over from simpler analogue dials, with making it harder to discern what's important and what's just background noise.

By adding depth of field, Bosch engineers say they've found a new way to make critical updates stand out from the crowd.

"The display’s depth of field means drivers can grasp important visual information faster, whether from an assistance system or a traffic-jam alert," said Dr. Steffen Berns, president of Bosch Car Multimedia.

"Alerts that seem to jump out of the display are much more obvious and urgent."

Along with safety alerts, the technology could be used to better show owners where their car is in relation to obstacles, like a more advanced take on the 360-degree cameras prevalent on modern cars.

Above: A current example of a 2D digital cockpit

Bosch says the technology is a ready-made solution for carmakers, although when it'll hit showrooms remains to be seen. Genesis offers a 3D-style digital instrument binnacle in its home market, while the new Peugeot 208 will lob with similar technology.