Cost cutting and an economic downturn in South America are thought to be behind the changes.
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GM has stopped work on a new "mid-size" truck platform codenamed GMT-32xx, designed to underpin its next-generation trucks and a new Jeep Wrangler rival.

That's according to Muscle Cars and Trucks, which says the GMT-32xx platform was to be the basis of the next-generation Chevrolet Colorado, GMC Canyon, Holden Colorado, and associated SUVs.

With a new platform off the table, the next generation of these utes will be based on an updated version of today's GMT-31xx architecture, dubbed GMT-31xx-2.

New utes based on the GMT-31xx-2 platform are expected to debut in North America from 2023.

Above: Chevrolet Colorado.

The next-generation versions of the North American Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Sierra will reportedly be much more closely aligned with the Colorado models sold throughout the rest of the world, such as the Thai-built model sold in Australia.

Although the global and American versions of today's utes share the same platform, their exteriors are largely unique, as are their interiors and engine choices.

The website also understands the cancellation of the GMT-32xx platform means GM's rumoured Jeep Wrangler and upcoming Ford Bronco rival is now dead.

This vehicle was reportedly being developed for the GMC brand, which only sells pickup trucks, SUVs and crossovers in North America and the Middle East.

Had this vehicle gone into production it would have provided GMC a unique model to sell.