2014 Jeep Cherokee recalled

2263 SUVs could inadvertently shift into neutral due to 'stuck clutches'.
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Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has issued a recall for the 2014 model-year 'KL' Jeep Cherokee over concerns a stuck clutch could cause vehicles to shift to neutral while driving.

"A switch to neutral may cause an unexpected loss of motive power, which may result in an accident, affecting the safety of the vehicle occupants and other road users," Jeep says in the recall notice.

There are 2263 units affected by this recall, sold between 1 February 2014 through 1 January 2018 – a VIN list is attached here.

FCA Australia will contact owners of the affected vehicles via mail, and advise them to contact their preferred dealer to have the Transmission Control Module reprogrammed, free of charge.

Customers can get more information by contacting 1300 133 079. You can also access the original recall notice here.