Jaguar recently celebrated it's 75th anniversary, as we know, and to help mark the occasion the company unveiled this special edition, Jaguar XKR175 Coupe at McCalls Motorworks Revival at the Monterey Jet Center during the Pebble Beach Automotive Weekend.
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The car features a 380kW, supercharged, 5.0-litre V8 that's capable of propelling the outfit to an electronically limited top speed of 280km/h. The special edition also come equipped with aerodynamic-enhancements to aid stability during those high-speed moments. A chin spoiler with a new front air intake dominates the front end, subtle side skirts trail down to the revised rear bumper that incorporates an air diffuser. There's also a discreet spoiler sitting atop the boot lid which is said to reduce drag.

There's also all-new 20 inch Kasuga wheels that encompass the huge disc brake and red caliper package inside. The vehicle will only be produced in very limited numbers, with just, you guessed it, 175 of them planned for the US-only market (15 examples are designated for the Canadian market too). Prices are set to be around US$104,500.