Reports from the UK have found rumours that Volkswagen is thinking of producing a Volkswagen Passat Cabrio. Though, the car will be an all-new design and not simply a chopped version of the Passat sedan.
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Speculators are saying the Cabrio will replace the next generation Volkswagen Eos, which is scheduled to be launched in 2011. CAR Magazine recently reported Volkswagen Eos sales have not been doing too well lately, and says the new 'Passat' Cabrio will eliminate the suspected, dated model. The old design language of the Eos was adopted by the company around 10 years ago with reports saying the chrome grille and teardrop headlights are a thing of the past.

The new Passat Cabrio is said to be an all-new design featuring the underpinnings of the Passat Coupe concept, meaning four proper seats, plenty of luggage space in the boot and present greater safety than the current Eos.

The 2014 Cabrio will also feature more powerful engines with sources claiming a 186kW turbocharged four cylinder could be on offer. The 'Passat' Cabrio is expected to be released a few months after the 2013/2014 MkVIII Passat launch.