The Gillard Government is aiming to provide a cleaner environment by offering all those in possession of a car with a built date before 1995 a $2000 rebate to go towards a newer, more economical car.
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Even the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce thinks this cash for clunkers proposal is nuttier than a Kellogg's commercial though. In a recent report, executive director of VACC, David Purchase, said,

“I am inclined to think this is more about spin and being seen to be doing something for the environment than actually getting inefficient and unsafe cars off the road. If you drive a clunker, chances are you are not financially well off and therefore you are not going to be able to buy a new car, even with a $2,000 rebate."

David Purchase also says that internal research shows that around 30 percent of the cars in Victoria are deemed unsafe, which he says is a figure too high. He proposes that motorists and governments should be focusing on keeping those old cars that are still on the road, safe, by means of educating drivers about servicing and maintenance.

“In our opinion, a better initiative would be to launch a public awareness campaign to encourage motorists to get their vehicle serviced, which would improve safety and reduce emissions," Purchase said.

As with usual government schemes that seem to be focusing on 'safety', the foundations of the proposals are just about quick-fixes and pleasing the people; getting votes.