Last week we heard Fiat was testing a secret Lancia 'Stratos' being built for one very lucky, and very rich, punter. The car was caught testing on Fiat Group's own international test track in Italy. There's now rumours that are swelling, desperately trying to expose the idea that this 'one-off' special will see some kind of mainstream production.
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Let's just get this clear though, we're not saying there's a new Lancia Stratos definitely coming out in the near future, but there are certain, highly-credible insiders (with loads of connections in the car industry) saying the car will be produced in limited numbers. Here's some concept images to dream over in the mean time.

The images, from, kind of look real, but then the rear shot shows wheels that appear to be very... digital. Either way, it's a great looking concept/drawing or whatever it is, so let's just keep our fingers crossed.

We'll be watching this one very closely so stay tuned for more updates, and we'll be sure to bring you more concrete information as soon as we can.