The high-revving, high performance 2.0-litre Honda Civic Type R will be discontinued in parts of Europe after this year due to stringent new emission laws. The car will continue to sell in Australia however.
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Euro 5 emission regulations, to be introduced at the beginning of 2011, have forced the current Type R Civic into a very green corner. The new regulations are even stricter than before and mean the Type R can no longer meet the restrictions and will no longer be sold in certain parts of Europe after the end of this year.

In the United Kingdom, the car is made locally at the Swindon manufacturing plant. This car will continue to be sold in markets that allow it. For Australia though, the new emission laws haven't had any impact on the sale of the Type R for the near future.

The regulations will eventually trickle down to the Australian market, but probably by the time the next generation model will have been released anyway. For now, the current Civic Type R passes Australian Design Rules just fine and will continue to be sold as one of the finest, normally-aspirated performance cars on the market.