Nissan GT-R Shakedown in Suzuka

Nissan have returned with the fabled GT-R to the GT500 class of Japan’s SUPER GT series.
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Not since the days of the R34 has the radically modified GT-R competed at the event, instead replaced by the equivalent 350Z GT500 model.


A two-day test was conducted at the renowned Suzuka Circuit under the supervision of NISMO engineers and drivers including race regulars such as Satoshi Motoyama, Michael Krumm and Tsugio Matsuda who all took their place behind the wheel.


“The test went well without any problems. We obtained positive feedback on the car’s potential from the drivers. We are aware of the NISSAN GT-R popularity and racing heritage. We will make our best effort to win the championship next year." Yoshitaka Iijima, NISMO team director for SUPER GT


With the production model GT-R producing such incredible numbers in both output and benchmark times, we can only begin to imagine how much further NISMO have been able to push the boundaries with this incredible machine.