290km/h on a Swiss Autobahn and you’re gone

That’s how fast a 37 year-old Swedish driver was clocked at, on a Swiss autobahn, in his black SLS AMG Mercedes-Benz sports car yesterday, close to the Western Canton of Fribourg.
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The irony is that Switzerland has some of the greatest driving roads in the world, but drivers beware, the maximum speed is 120km/h and you’ll need to slow to 80km/h in tunnels and 50km/h in towns or villages.

On the other hand, if your car is not capable of doing at least 80km/h on the autobahn, then you’ll have to take the back roads, as you are not permitted on the freeway.

290km/h (180 mph) is frighteningly fast on any road although, quite legal in the derestricted zones in Germany.

In Switzerland, that kind of speed can cost you more than a million Swiss francs, and you may not get your car back until the fine is paid in full, as this driver was quick to learn.

The car was travelling so fast, that a neighbouring police service had to be called in to apprehend the driver, who in this case, is considered a criminal.

That’s the problem in Switzreland, speeding offences such as this case, are not under the traffic act, but rather, under the criminal code and can incur huge fines or even jail time.

No one is sure that the driver is also the owner of the car, but if so, that person will cop a massive fine, and will be essentially means tested to gauge just how much he can afford to pay the Swiss authorities.

Switzerland – a great place to sightsee, if you’re not in a hurry.