Holden Acadia 2019 lt (2wd)

2019 Holden Acadia infotainment review

In-car technology tested

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When you think of excellent and modern infotainment systems in cars, Holden generally doesn't come to mind. But, with the new system in the 2019 Holden Acadia, that might be about to change.
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The likes of BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi have invested massively in their software development, which in this day and age is one of the biggest consumer requirements for modern vehicles.

People are used to smartphones that work easily and beautifully without bugs and glitches, so why should they expect any less from their car?

We got behind the wheel of the new Holden Acadia recently and spent some time with General Motors' latest version, which in Australia is called myHolden Connect.

Unlike the German systems previously mentioned, the focus for the Acadia system is simplicity, with a host of unique features that even the Germans hadn't thought of.

Simple yet clever features such as the seat vibrating when the car has been put into reverse (and an object is detected), seem like no brainers when you have experienced them, yet they remain elusive on so many high-end cars.

We're also a big fan of the profile management system available in this car, which allows everything from the configurable active safety systems to audio, mirror and seat positions all locked to the key.

It's not all perfect, though: we found the car's Bluetooth system really struggling to understand our voice commands and the polish around some of the menus and deep diving required felt slightly unnecessary.

Check out our video review of the myHolden infotainment system to see what is on offer in not only the new Acadia but incoming vehicles from the Holden family.

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