Greener Hyundai i30 CRDi

It seems Hyundai's new i30 is more than just a one trick pony, posting incredible results at the Panasonic World Solar Challenge.
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Not only does the i30 boast impressive styling for which Hyundai is becoming more known for in recent times, but by also becoming the cheapest way into a diesel car in Australia.

This is no ordinary diesel however, as the i30 CRDi has gone on to better its hybrid and diesel powered rivals to top the fuel efficiency stakes in the Greenfleet Technology Class at the recent Panasonic World Solar Challenge.


The i30 consumed just 3.2 litres of fuel per 100km, emitting just 97g of CO2 per km on the 3600km journey from Darwin to Adelaide.

Not only does this outshine the much-loved Toyota Prius, but even the leaders in diesel technology Peugeot and Audi - as well as a BioBike for good measure.

Additionally, Solar Challenge founder Hans Tholstrup demonstrated the efficiency of the i30 CRDi by driving from Adelaide to Newcastle via Sydney on less than one tank of fuel.


The 1.6-litre common rail diesel engine is a practical and affordable alternative to hybrid vehicles, with technology such as an Electric Assist Steering System to further reduce the consumption of an already efficient technology.

Starting at just $21,490 for the CRDi SX model, backed by Australia’s first 5 year warranty with unlimited kilometres, and Prius-rivalling fuel efficiency - need I go on?

George Skentzos