Mazda's new longitudinal platform could also underpin a generation of new Lexus models, according to a new report out of Japan.
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Mazda's upcoming rear-wheel drive platform could also underpin a generation of rear-driven Toyota and Lexus products, if reports from Japan are on the money.

Uncovered in May, the new platform will support longitudinally-mounted petrol and diesel inline-six engines with mild-hybrid augmentation, sending power to the rear or all four wheels.

According to Best Car, the platform could underpin a future Mark X, and Mazda is developing the inline-six engine family with the intention of sharing it with Toyota.

"Mazda will take the initiative in developing powertrains and platforms, and Toyota will take part in the development, but as a whole, Toyota and Mazda will each proceed with their own product plans," according to (a translation of) the Best Car story.

"The parts sharing of the chassis and the inner body is achieved, and while the development cost is reduced, the interior and exterior will be developed as completely different vehicles."

What's more, the partnership could see the IS and RC eventually sit on the rear-drive architecture as well, along with a new four-door coupe designed to take on the Audi A7.