Spotted at Alfa Romeo's test track in Balocco, northern Italy, this one-off concept is said to be developed for an industrialist Lancia enthusiast who is also funding the project.
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Caught testing in late June, the Stratos is believed to use a Ferrari 430 chassis layout that has been modified and shortened according to traditional Stratos proportions. The concept is also said to use the powertrain and running gear from a Ferrari 430 Challenge Stradale.

Reports say the body is extremely light in weight with a total mass figure of around 1200kg, meaning the use of carbon fibre panels would be highly likely.

Unfortunately there are no plans for this one-off special to go into production at this stage, although, we can't help but think Fiat Automobile might have something up its sleeve, possibly a very-limited edition model planned for the future. The testing was undertaken on Fiat's own international proving ground, indicating a certain seriousness about the concept.