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2020 Mercedes-AMG GT3 revealed

AMG has revealed its latest customer racer, and it's ready to eat up the competition with a gaping new grille, fresh aero, and a more reliable engine.
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Mercedes-AMG has unveiled its new customer racing version of the road-going GT R, the GT3, before it goes on sale late in 2019.

Continuing a program it started with the SLS AMG GT3 in 2010, and furthered with the original AMG GT3 in 2015, the latest GT3 is designed to deliver more performance than its predecessor with lower running costs.

After all, racing is an expensive business, so anything that can be done to make marginally less expensive will be welcomed by teams.

Unlike the road-going GT, which is powered by a 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine, the racer relies on a naturally-aspirated 6.3-litre V8. Mercedes-AMG says it will now require fewer rebuilds throughout a season, and points to a new front crash structure designed to better protect it in smaller, low-speed impacts.

In what it calls a world-first development, AMG will now allow team owners to digitally track how long a specific component has been in use, making it easier to schedule and plan for maintenance.

The air filter is easier to access than before, the front splitter is easier to adjust, and the rear wing can be more easily tweaked on the fly.

There's some neat technology on board, too, including something called Drop Jack. When the car is lowered from its inbuilt air-jacks, the engine will automatically restart, allowing the driver to make a quicker getaway from pit stops.

Mercedes-AMG has also updated the car's ABS, ESP and traction control systems for 2020, giving drivers the ability to more finely tune how they intervene. Although the cabin's basics remain unchanged, the new GT3 has seen some minor ergonomic and layout changes behind the wheel.

It's a similar story outside, where changes for 2020 are essentially limited to new headlights and brake lights, and extra lighting for 24 hour races. There's a new front apron, flics and a new rear diffuser, and an updated take on AMG's corporate grille.

The new GT3 will be delivered to customers at the end of 2019. Click the images for the full gallery.