Chrysler first unveiled the possibility of a 200C going into production at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show, by exhibiting a Chrysler EV 200C. News is Chrysler has now filed a request to register the 200C name as a trademark, which means, a production model might not be too far away.
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Reports are saying Chrysler is thinking of producing a hybrid version of the model, which would go straight up against General Motors' Chevrolet Volt. More importantly, now that Fiat Group is in control of Chrysler, the company focus is said to be more orientated on providing efficiency so future production is highly likely. Insiders are also saying the 200C platform could be interchangeable with an upcoming Lancia.

The new model is said to use range-extending technology in the form of a powerful electric motor backed up by a small petrol-powered unit. The package combines to give a total power output of 200kW and achieve a range of around 650km.

Speculations are saying the new model is expected to go into production by 2013.