Joss JP1 supercar first teaser image released

The Melbourne-based firm behind the Joss JP1, Australia's first production supercar, has released a teaser image of the car as the project nears completion.
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Under the black cloth lies a 1:1-scale clay model which will will be used to determine the supercar's final aerodynamic design with the finishing touches to be applied at the company's Advanced Automotive Design Studio in Melbourne.

The overall design will adhere to the classic form of a mid-engined GT sports car while underneath the mechanics will resemble a high-performance race car.

“This final shape is as much about mathematics as it is about aesthetics. A variety of reasons have determined this overall package of visual features but everything you will see has met all of our primary design goals.“The car’s all-important aerodynamic and mechanical packaging needs have still allowed us to produce this final design, one which we are certain will impress when it is revealed,” said Matt Thoas, Joss technical director.

The clay model will remain under wraps until the final design has been approved, then the process of crafting its outer skin from carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) will begin.

“When everything is factored in - from engine positioning to centres of mass and pressure and so on - the car’s personality largely comes from how it looks.“The computer has had a large say in the car’s total layout but this final shape has been down to both the modelling team and what I see as the right design for a car of this calibre,” said Mr Thomas.

The Joss development team have thrown in another subtle clue with this first teaser image, with the rough sketch on the wall behind the covered prototype revealing the overall size of the car compared to the human analogue.

At first glance it seems the actual dimensions are likely to be much smaller than expected, perhaps closer to the size of a Lotus Evora rather than a Ferrari or Lamborghini for example.

With speculation of an AMG-sourced powerplant, confirmation of an all CFRP body and a seemingly compact design - this is sure to be a worthy addition to the supercar club.