Wish your Porsche 911 had a bit more torque and sounded a bit beefier? This could be the answer you've been looking for. It's called the Ruf RGT-8; a V8 Porsche 911.

Ruf RGT-8-1

Unveiled at the Geneva Salon earlier this year, the 911-based RGT-8 uses all-new panels made and designed in-house at Ruf, a Ruf-built 4.5-litre V8 that is said to be lighter than the original Porsche six-cylinder engine, and Ruf's own interior furnishings.

Using a 180 degree, flat-plane, crank shaft, the 4.5-litre engine can rev up to 8500rpm where it'll produce 410kW. The engine, as Alois points out in the video below, doesn't use any belt-driven accessories. From the air conditioning compressor to the alternator, everything is driven directly off the engine using gears. This allows those accessories to be mounted much lower down on the engine, Alois says, resulting in improved centre of gravity.

Inside the car Ruf has adapted its integrated roll cage system. Other manufacturers should take a few hints from Ruf as this safety design is very logical and highly effective. The roll cage bars run down the main pillars and are almost completely hidden and blended into the interior trimming. You only need to witness a high-speed rally car accident to know just how much force a roll cage can handle, providing unparalleled safety for the occupants.

The traditional woven seat inserts are intricately stitched together while centering the driver's seat is Ruf's own beefy three-spoke steering wheel design. Behind that is a bespoke instrument cluster with somewhat retro green background lighting.

Watch the video presented by Alois Ruf below as he outlines his ideas and philosophies behind the new model and Ruf vehicles.

You can sense the attention to detail Alois Ruf and his guys put into Ruf vehicles. We're not sure if any right-hand drive version will be made but we certainly hope it makes its way down to Australian shores one day. True engineering and technical ingenuity at its best.