Meanwhile, a Jaguar I-Pace has also caught ablaze in the Netherlands, prompting an investigation.
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Audi and Jaguar are facing issues with the e-tron and I-Pace overseas, with the German marque issuing a recall over a potential fire risk, while the British brand is investigating a report of a fire in Europe.

In the US, Audi has issued a safety recall for the e-tron quattro over concerns water can get into the charging port. Should this occur, water could get into the vehicle's electronics and cause a battery fire.

While there's been no reports of any Audis actually catching on fire, e-tron owner and director of ServiceNow, Michael Forson, recently tweeted certain vehicles are affected in the States, not the entire production run thus far.

"They're taking it very seriously," Forson noted in his tweet.

Meanwhile, a report by Dutch outlet Autobahn claims a new Jaguar I-Pace spontaneously combusted in the owner's driveway while parked overnight.

According to the publication, it's unknown at this stage whether the fire originated from the vehicle or from an arsonist, though the fire came from the front of the vehicle – the battery is located under the floor. Jaguar is reportedly investigating the matter nonetheless.

The news comes after two reports of fires in Teslas came out of China and Hong Kong, prompting the Silicon Valley-based EV specialist to issue a software upgrade for the battery pack to tweak the "charge and thermal management settings" out of "an abundance of caution".


We spoke with Audi Australia's corporate communications manager, Shaun Cleary, who issued the following statement: "There is no expected impact on any Australian vehicles, given our first e-tron arrivals are due next year".

Jaguar's local division, meanwhile, is unaware of any local impact at this stage.