The latest leak from America's patent office has unearthed GM's new 'small truck' - more affectionately known as a Ute in Australia.
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The new Ute will be the bed for Holden's Colorado and is set to appear some time in 2012.

Design revisions see the Ute carry a more stylish look, moving away from the rough and cut lines of the current Colorado.

Engine options are yet to be decided, but we can expect to see a continuation of four-cylinder turbo diesel and six-cylinder petrol engines.

Safety is expected to be of paramount importance, so integration of Electronic Stability Control (ESC) is likely to be introduced when the variant hits our shores in 2012.

The new Colorado will bridge the gap between industrious commercial vehicles and sedan like utilities such as the Commodore Ute.

CarAdvice will keep you posted as more information comes to hand.