Wally Concept Car

Never heard of Wally? I didn’t think so.
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If their cars end up anything like their boats, then you’re in for a treat. These guys build speedboats and yachts that seem out of place in the twenty-first century.

Take a look at the Wally 118 Power, and if you’d like one, you’ll need a lazy twenty-five million dollars, plus another couple of million to hit the options list.

Richard Hammond from the Top Gear program called it the “coolest thing on earth” and there’s no argument from this camp, this thing is the Lear Jet of the water world.

Owners of a Wally boat will be interested to know that Coventry University graduate, Matthew Hockham has designed a sports car for the Wally yacht brand, and while I’d hardly call it ‘beautiful’ in an Aston Martin or Ferrari kind of way, it is however, all Wally.

Matthew says, “The concept is designed to fit into the company’s image and appeal. The aim is to bring the essence of Wally onto the land and offer and exclusive user experience.”

Like it’s nautical sibling, the Wally car uses the trademark futuristic design language with stealth style sharp edges and dark glass. The Wally Power 118 directly influences the side- profile of the car.

You can be sure if they build a four-wheel version of the Wally, we’ll be one of the first to road test the car.