Unlimited Autobahns to stay...for now

Calling all petrolheads worldwide - please join together with a communal sigh of relief.
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The International Herald Tribune, is reporting that German Chancellor Angela Merkel insists that her government would not try to introduce a speed limit on the nation's autobahns, despite a proposal from her coalition's junior party.

Members of the Social Democratic Party, along with some of the Christian Democratic Union, backed a proposal over the weekend to introduce a general speed limit of 130 kph (80 mph) on Germany's world reknown freeways.

In a television interview aired today, Merkel flatly rejected the proposal saying, "It won't happen with me."

Mrs Merkel is said to be in favour of better traffic management systems, insisting they would dispense with the traffic jams which stretch for kilometres. This would therefore effect a reduction in excessive emissions on the motorway, rather than passing the blame to high speed driving.

We couldn't agree more.