With a range of V8 engine options, race-inspired aerodynamics and a manual transmission, the RS is an absolute beast.
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Ultima has revealed its latest race-inspired road car, with a top speed north of 400km/h and almost 900kW of power in its most powerful tune.

The new RS will be offered with three engines, starting with an 'LT1' V8 making 358kW. That's nothing compared to what's theoretically available, but still enough to propel the car to 97km/h in 3.3 seconds, on its way to a top speed just shy of 300km/h.

Jumping to an 'LT4' V8 boosts power to 485kW and top speed to 340km/h, but those craving a proper, butt-clenching drive will want the range-topping supercharged 'LT5' V8. It makes 598kW as standard, but Ultima will turn it up to 894kW (not a typo, 894 kW!) if you ask really nicely.

All that power is sent to the rear wheels through a six-speed manual transmission. That's right, this 894kW monster has three pedals and a stick.

With the most powerful engine, the RS will hit 402km/h at full noise. It'll do the 97km/h (60mph) sprint in just 2.3 seconds, 0.4 seconds faster than the Porsche 911 Turbo S will manage with its fancy all-wheel drive system and double-clutch transmission.

Keeping all that power in check is an aggressive aero package, the likes of which wouldn't look out of place on a Le Mans racer. There's vents on the wheel arches, a chassis-mounted front splitter, NACA ducts and enough scoops to make the local Cold Rock jealous, along with a huge, top-mount rear spoiler and racy diffuser.

The wheels are an in-house design, wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyre. There's a set of AP Racing brakes behind them, with 362mm grooved brake discs and six-pot calipers – enough to drag the RS from 160km/h to zero in just 3.3 seconds.

As a hand-built special, there are countless options for the Ultima RS. Owners can spec a hydraulic front lift kit, a new adaptive stainless steel exhaust, and matching luggage for the car.

Standard equipment is surprisingly generous, too, given the stripped-back exterior. With air conditioning, satellite navigation, a rear-view camera, parking sensors, and a choice of leather or Alcantara for the cabin, it's practically a Rolls-Royce. Okay, not quite, but there are some creature comforts on board.

Ultima says it'll take it 22 weeks to get you a build-at-home (that's right, it's a kit car) RS, or more than two years for a factory-built, turn-key model.

Pricing will start "around the same ballpark as a mundane new BMW M3, depending on options" which would put it in the $130,000 ballpark in Australia. Bear in mind, that's for the smallest engine and a build yourself kit.

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