Our friends from across the Tasman have taken the Colorado and turned it into a lean, mean off-roading machine.
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Holden's office across the Tasman has turned the Colorado into a proper off-road weapon, revealing the pumped-up ROX concept at the Fieldays agricultural expo in Mystery Creek.

Dubbed a 'super truck' by its creators, the ROX was developed by Holden New Zealand alongside Retro Vehicle Enhancement in Auckland. To start with, it's been lifted by six inches to accomodate a set of 35-inch off-road tyres.

The lift is supplemented by a set of bolt-on guard extensions, also fitted to house the Colorado's enormous new wheel and tyre combination. There's more going on than just a new set of wheels, though.

The ROX has a 500mm tray extender, a tough-looking side-exit exhaust, fresh wheels, and a carbon-fibre bonnet. You also get a snorkel, a light-bar, a winch and tough steel bumpers at both ends. If you can find water deep enough to test that snorkel you're doing pretty well, such is the Colorado ROX's stature.

The inside of the wheel arches is illuminated in red, which matches the detailing around the wheel rims and Holden's stuck-on graphics. The whole package is topped off with a roof rack, which here carries a spare wheel and houses a light pod.

Unfortunately for anyone who wanted a proper Holden rival to the Ford Ranger Raptor, the ROX is just a concept at the moment. It'll tour New Zealand over the next 12-18 months, showing off what can be done with a Colorado, some time and a decent wad of cash.