The Victorian Police Force, Hard at Work

Two acts of hypocrisy and idiocy have enraged me this week, both originating at the hands of the Victorian Police Force.
Police double standards
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Firstly, according to the VicRoads Road Rules manual, in particular -

Part 11 - Rule 130 - 1: b) -

130. Keeping to the left on a multi-lane road(1) This rule applies to a driver driving on a multi-lane road if—(a) the speed-limit applying to the driver for the length of road where thedriver is driving is over 80 kilometres per hour; or(b) a keep left unless overtaking sign applies to the length of road wherethe driver is driving.

You would assume that if anyone, the Police would understand the road rules and if not, big white signs that read "Keep Left Unless Overtaking." Unfortunately, the undercover Police officer I followed from Melbourne to Geelong not only didn't adhere to the sign on any occasions, he also felt it necessary to exceed the speed limit for the entire 80km trip.

If breaking the 'keep left' rule wasn't bad enough, a marked Police car then approached the undercover vehicle out of nowhere. After two or three seconds, the undercover Police car moved from the right hand lane to let the marked Police car pass. Soon after passing, the marked Police car accelerated to approximately 115km/h and continued at that speed all the way into Geelong and through two fixed speed cameras deviously attached to the back of overpasses.

After catching up to both vehicles again at the set of traffic lights entering Geelong, I was able to follow both vehicles back to the Geelong Police station where they pulled in. At no point during the entire journey did either vehicle have lights or sirens on. Also, at no point during the journey did either vehicle make a stop. So it can only be assumed both vehicles were exceeding the speed limit for no valid reason.

It can also be assumed that any pending speeding fines will happily be cleared from the register soon after the vehicles in the photos are identified as Police vehicles. It's nice to see the Victorian Police Force employing double standards.


The second gripe I have encountered this week was with regards to a stolen vehicle and the lack of attention given by the Police. Just over one month ago, I reported a stolen vehicle to the Police that had been dumped at a highway-facing car park (KFC car park, Westgate Freeway, city bound).

I reported that the vehicle had a smashed driver's side window and had several people surrounding the car soon before I drove over. To my surprise, after arriving back at the same location one week ago, the same car was still there, in the same park.

The part that sent my levels of rage into the red occurred yesterday evening, when the same car was in the same spot, except vandalised within inches of its life:

Vandalised car

Vandalised car

Vandalised car

So if you ever encounter the unfortunate circumstance of having your car stolen, rest assured that the Police are hard at work - doing absolutely nothing about it. Obviously charging people for exceeding the speed limit by 3km/h is a greater priority than returning one's form of transport and stopping hooligans from vandalising anything that moves.

- Paul Maric