Last week, Hyundai was listed at the top of Autobild magazine's annual Quality Report 2010. The report threw Hyundai in against Germany's best manufacturers such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz, proving Hyundai can indeed excel, even amongst the best of them.
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The coveted award takes in many factors, including car ownership, build quality and warranty and recall information. It also included feedback received from 9278 owners, who've lived with their cars for some time. Interestingly, data was also collected and taken into account from Germany's Technische Uberwachung Verein (TÜV) report which included 7.5 million vehicle inspections.

It's yet more proof that Hyundai is finished catching up and is beginning to lead the way in certain areas of the automotive industry. Oliver Mann, Hyundai Motor Company Marketing Director, said recently,

“Hyundai is always proud to receive awards for its products, particularly this one from AutoBild, which places the company ahead of brands many have considered to be at the pinnacle of the industry.”

In 2007, Hyundai placed 11th in the same report. In 2008, it placed 5th and in 2009 the report was not conducted. Now sitting in top place, Hyundai has been consistently progressing up through the ranks.

*Update: 2010 Quality Report, translated as best as CarAdvice could do from Autobild magazine
(Lower the score, the better)

1. Hyundai 2.3
2. Honda 2.4
3. Audi 2.6
=4. Mazda 2.6
=4. Toyota 2.6
6. Mitsubishi 2.6
7. Suzuki 2.7
8. BMW 2.7
9. Mercedes-Benz 2.7
10. Nissan 3.0
11. Seat 3.0
12. Skoda 3.0
13. Ford 3.1
14. Kia 3.1
15. Opel (Holden) 3.1
16. VW 3.1
17. Renault 3.6
18. Citroen 3.7
19. Fiat 3.7
20. Peugeot 3.9