Want to learn how to draw and design cars? A joint initiative by DY Patil Group - renowned education institution - and car design guru Dilip Chhabria (pictured; left) - previous General Motors designer - has opened up a specialist automotive design school called DYP-DC Centre for Automotive Research and Studies in Pune, Maharashtra, India.
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The college will open its doors for the first time in August, when under-graduate and post-graduate courses commence. The centre will run three-year full-time programs in Automotive Design for under-graduates and two-year full-time courses for post-graduates. Director of the centre, Hrridaysh Deshpande, says the programs will run fairly small classes, so only the best applicants will gain entry.

Dilip Chhabria said in a recent report,

"DYP-DC College is my personal passion, and I am going to drive this college to make sure it produces some of the best automobile designers. Firstly, I'll act as chief mentor for the students and will review and critique their work and provide them with feedback to help them improve. Secondly, I'll be in close contact with the faculty and constantly be reinventing the curriculum and updating the teaching methods to keep it fresh and dynamic."

The courses are said to have been designed to ensure students gain maximum exposure in the industry through internships integrated into the course layout. And as a part of the final year of the program, students will have the opportunity to create their own, full-scale, drivable prototypes for their final project.

Enrollments for 2010-2011 courses are now being sorted. Deshpande has said he's already seen plenty of potential through application portfolios.

No word as to whether the courses will be on offer internationally yet.