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by Brett Davis

Toyota US has announced it could be building the next generation Prius somewhere in the US. Executive Vice President of Toyota Motor Corporation, Atsushi Niimi, said in a recent report that it’s unclear where abouts in the US the fourth-generation Toyota Pruis could be built, but expects production to occur in the nation.

A top executive from Toyota US said on Tuesday the country planned to have the world’s best-selling hybrid built at the company’s Mississippi plant, but they decided to build the American Corolla there instead.

Atsushi Niimi, Executive Vice President of Toyota US, said in a recent Automotive News report,

“The main components for the Prius – such as the motor and battery – are not mature enough for local production. We expect that they’ll be ready with the next remodeling.”

Mr Niimi says Toyota is concentrating on the more immediate issue of rebuilding the market after recent declines. He says, “If you look at unemployment, housing, and other economic indicators there’s not much good news. I think it will take time for the market to recover.”

The next generation Toyota Prius is expected in 2016.