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2020 Alpine A110 GT4 spied

A hotter, lighter version of Alpine's mid-engined baby is in the works, and it's been snapped testing at the Green Hell in a CarAdvice-inspired livery.
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What appears to be a road-going version of the Alpine A110 GT4 has been snapped during testing, but exactly what role it'll fill in the range remains to be seen.

Our spy photography agency snagged these pictures at the same time as the Renault Megane RS Trophy-R, suggesting the GT4 (or whatever Alpine plans to call it) could share some componentry with the new Nordschleife hot-hatch hero.

If that is the case, the hotter road-going A110 GT4 could get that car's 1.8-litre four-cylinder engine making 223kW instead of the 185kW currently offered.

There isn't a heap of weight to shed from the A110, but expect Alpine to try shave at least a few kilograms from the package to justify the GT4 badge.

The ride height has been lowered down back compared to the 'standard' A110, while there's no roll cage on board. That front splitter is nearly identical to the racing unit as well. Based on these images, along with some of the rumours swirling around the industry, the suspension could be meaningfully stiffer than stock.

According to our spy snapper, the car pictured also cut some laps with a small rear wing on board. The race-ready GT4, by way of comparison, has an outlandish top-mount wing for extra downforce at high speeds.