The German brand is recalling 132 vehicles across three older-generation model lines for faulty driver inflators. Note: This recall isn't Takata related.
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Volkswagen Australia has initiated its recall for 2003 model-year Golf, Passat and Transporter vehicles for potentially faulty airbags.

UPDATE, 23/5/19: The original version of this article stated that this is a Takata-related airbag recall. This is not the case. In this instance, the faulty inflators were manufactured by TRW despite the similarities in condition.

According to the manufacturer, the airbags could have propellant that degrades over time when exposed to long periods of high humidity and temperature fluctuations.

Should the condition occur, the airbag inflator could rupture when deployed in the event of a collision, shooting metal fragments into the cabin.

This poses a serious risk of injury, even death, to the vehicle's occupants.

Affected MY03 Volkswagen models were manufactured between May 2002 and October 2002, with 132 units affected in total.

VIN lists for each model line are linked for each model line here – Golf, Passat, Transporter.

Owners of the affected vehicles will be contacted by Volkswagen Australia, and will be advised to get in touch with their local dealer to arrange the inspection and repair of their driver's airbag.

For more information, contact 1800 504 076.