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by Brett Davis

Porsche recently announced it is releasing a hybrid version of the luxury Panamera sedan, which will go on sale in 2011. As reported by Autocar recently, the upcoming hybrid will feature the same powertrain as the current Cayenne hybrid.

Reports say this means it’ll use a 3.0-litre V6 petrol engine, offering 245kW alone, mated to a 36kW electric motor to make up the hybrid combination. It uses what is known as a parallel hybrid drive system; the petrol motor and electric motor work in unison, or, as separate sources of power. The two can separate when demands permit to maximise fuel economy.

Porsche has been noted as saying in the past it is not for the whole hybrid and electric vehicle movement, but with the latest designs and plans being released – three electric Boxsters currently being tested – and the trial of the hybrid 911 GT3 race car, it’s hard to believe Porsche anymore.

What do you think, should Porsche just stick to making pure sports cars or is it okay to release frugal versions?