Based on the number of Lexus hybrid models sold globally (and an average of 17,000km per year per vehicle), Lexus hybrid vehicles would have recently achieved over nine billion kilometres, as noted by Lexus Australia.
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Tony Cramb, chief executive of Lexus Australia, said in a recent report,

"Nine billion kilometres is a fantastic head start for Lexus, five years ago Lexus' rivals thought hybrid vehicles were just a science experiment, but today these same companies are scrambling to release their own hybrid-powered vehicles."

It marks a successful transition to hybrid power, and the extent of which the technology can be applied. Lexus is one of the leading manufacturers in the luxury car market, to have successfully adopted the technology, even in the production of specialised expensive cars, is a feat worthy of celebration.

Lexus is hoping with the addition of completely new models in the pipeline, like the upcoming CT200h (on sale next year), it will keep leading the way when it comes to offering mass-produced hybrids to the luxury car market.

Well done Lexus, it has to be said. Despite the recall issues, the technology presented in some of its cars, such as Park Assist, is cutting edge. And with hybrid power so accessible, it is one of the only brands out there that offers such a package.