BMW Germany has handed back the keys to its first full restoration customer. The BMW Classic Customer Workshop facility takes on every level of workmanship required to repair, mechanically and cosmetically, any BMW production model.
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The enthusiast in question loved his classic BMW 3.0 CSi so much, he didn't want a new car he simply wanted his old car, new.

The BMW Classic Customer Workshop stepped in and completely restored his 3.0 CSi on every detail. From ironing out years of panel damage to replacing interior switchery and trimming, to fitting the car with a new automatic gearbox retrofitted from another model.

The Classic workshop returned the car to its owner in pristine condition earlier this month as the workshop's first full restoration. We're not quite sure what expense these great services are offered at, but we're pretty confident in saying it wouldn't be cheap. Still, it could be cheaper than buying a brand new car, and, if you love your old classic enough, why not.