The new model will sit free of McLaren's Sport, Super and Ultimate Series classification, with a focus on long-haul driving.
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McLaren is getting ready to launch the latest model in its Track25 business plan, with the 'Superlight Grand Tourer' teased today locked in for a May 15 debut.

By now, we know a fair bit about the GT. For one, we know what it'll look like from behind thanks to a bit of quick brightening of McLaren's teaser image.

The graphics down back are slightly different to what we're used to from the brand. Gone is sweeping, rounded LED motif of the Sport Series cars and the aggressive, aero-focused look of the Super Series cars, replaced by something altogether softer.

That's not to say it's soft, though. Big exhaust pipes, a tall diffuser and vents cut into the bumper all feature, sitting below slim LED taillights.

Based on what we know, the car will be "comfortable and refined over the long distances a grand tourer is expected to consume" when it launches. There'll be space for two people and their luggage on board, too.

Unlike the wider McLaren line-up, the Grand Tourer won't fit Sport, Super and Ultimate Series classification. It will stand alone with a "spacious, uncluttered and modern" interior using only "authentic, high quality materials" derived from the three-seat Speedtail.

The new Grand Tourer will launch on May 15. Stay tuned for more in the lead up to its debut.