2012 Mercedes-Benz A-Class AMG version

AMG says it will produce an uprated version of the upcoming A-Class, which is said to be based on the F800 Concept we first saw at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year.
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At first, speculations were simply suggesting the chance of an AMG version of the new A-class, but more and more reports have been circulating, strongly proving the idea could see production.

Now it's at the point where AMG has confirmed. In a recent Autocar report, Ola Kallenius, AMG boss, was quoted as saying about the idea,

“It marks the beginning of a new direction for the company and will expose AMG to a whole new, younger and more dynamic customer base.”

Reports say the new A-Class AMG version could use a 200kW, all-wheel drive platform to take on the likes of Audi S3, Volkswagen Golf R and the Ford Focus RS. Although, no official details have been released.

The next generation A-Class isn't scheduled for release until 2012, reports speculate the AMG model to follow some time after.