Fans of manual cars, get excited. Fans of British cars, get excited. Fans of British, manual cars... well, you know what to do. The new Vantage AMR will have three pedals.
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Aston Martin set tongues wagging when it released a manual version of the last Vantage. The world is going automatic, and three-pedal sports cars are a precious commodity.

Turns out, it wasn't a once-off. The new-generation Vantage AMR will come with a manual transmission, as confirmed by a new social media teaser for the car.

The AMR will be a more hardcore version of the Vantage, in keeping with the previous model. We don't know which transmission it'll use – the previous AMR had a six-speed manual, the V12 S used a seven-speeder with a dogleg.

Usually we'd look to Mercedes-AMG for inspiration, given it supplies engines for Aston Martin, but there are exactly zero manual cars in the AMG line-up. That means Aston Martin has developed the transmission itself, from the driveline hardware to the control software. No small job for such a small company.

Matt Becker, chief engineer at Aston, last year told Road and Track the transmission "reminds you that you know how to drive".

What we can draw from the folks in Affalterbach is a prospective power output. At the moment, the Vantage pumps out 375kW and 625Nm from its 4.0-litre turbocharged V8 engine, but a variation of the same engine makes 430kW and 700Nm in the AMG GT R. That seems like a power output befitting the AMR badge, doesn't it?

Expect to see a lower, stiffer suspension with a greater focus on the track from the car, along with a more aggressive exterior package for better downforce. Based on previous AMR models, we'd also suggest a set of stripes will feature. Stay tuned on that front.