Volkswagen is getting itself set for a run at the electric lap record around the Nordschleife, by making sure the battery can last a full lap.
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Volkswagen is preparing the ID R for its record attempt on the legendary Nurburgring Nordschleife, putting it through its paces in France.

The focus of testing, according to Volkswagen, is to nail down the car's battery management software so it's able to make a charge last the full 20.832km circuit.

One way it's planning to do that is by tweaking the regenerative braking, allowing the car to harness every last bit of energy under deceleration. That means lots of fine-tuning of the brake-by-wire and drive-by-wire systems, so the whole process feels natural to Romain Dumas behind the wheel.

"The ID R is the most high-performance race car ever developed by Volkswagen Motorsport”, says François-Xavier Demaison, Volkswagen Motorsport technical director.

“The 2019 evolution of the race car has taken every aspect of the technology to the next level. This is also true of the electric drivetrain, which has become even more efficient ahead of the e-lap record attempt on the Nordschleife."

When it finally takes on the electric lap record at the Green Hell, the ID R will be chasing a 6:45.90 time. With a combined 500kW on tap from two electric motors, the boffins in Wolfsburg have tuned the front axle to counter oversteer and the rear to counter understeer.

With precise management of the torque being sent to each wheel, the car has proper torque vectoring.

The next test will take place at the Nurburgring.