Fresh motor hardware and lots of small tweaks have eked out more range from the Tesla Model S and Model X, the former of which can do almost 600km on a charge.
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Tesla has used new electric motors to extend the range of its Model S and Model X Long Range variants, which can now cover 595km and 523km on the EPA test cycle respectively.

That's up from 540km in the Model S. It's a handy upgrade, especially when you consider the 100kWh battery still holds the same amount of energy.

According to the company, the extra range comes from better cooling, lubrication and bearings, along with better gear designs.

"Pairing a permanent magnet motor in the front with an induction motor in the rear enables unparalleled range and performance at all times."

"The net effect is a more than 10% improvement in range, with efficiency improvements in both directions as energy flows out of the battery during acceleration and back into the battery through regenerative braking," the Tesla blog says of the dual-motor setup.

Along with the tweaked motors, the Model S and Model X range will get a fresh adaptive air suspension setup. The system constantly reads the road and adjusts the way the dampers react, and has been made smarter in the way it drops down for better aerodynamics at speed.

Finally, the cars are both compatible with 200kW fast charging on V3 Superchargers, or 145kW charging on V2 Superchargers.


The updated Model S and X are already in the online configurator for Tesla in Australia. Autopilot is now standard.