Martin Winterkorn arrested in Germany on multiple charges related to the company's use of illegal software to get some of its diesel engines past emissions bench testing.
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Martin Winterkorn, former Volkswagen Group CEO, was last week charged for offences related to the company's Dieselgate saga.

Prosecutors claim Winterkorn didn't inform customers about the company's emissions cheating software and failed to stop the company from using such software at the earliest possible instance.

Due to the company's delayed reaction, it was hit with large punitive fines by both German and American authorities.

As such, Winterkorn has been charged with fraud, violating competition laws, and breaching fiduciary trust regulations.

The Braunschweig prosecutors office says it has charged four men, including Winterkorn, for their role in the Dieselgate affair.

Herbert Diess, Volkswagen's current CEO, told Reuters at the Shanghai motor show: "I am not among the accused. I do not expect to be charged."

Winterkorn led the German automaker from 2007 until 2015, when he stepped down not long after Volkswagen admitted to using software to cheat its way past emissions testing.

In May 2018, Winterkorn was indicted by US authorities on four charges for attempting to cover up Volkswagen's use of defeat devices to illegally get some of its diesel engines certified as being road legal.

Thanks to the German government's long-standing policy of not extraditing its citizens to the US, it's likely Winterkorn will never face American justice.