Just yesterday Fisker announced it has finalised the purchase of General Motors' previous Wilmington assembly plant in Wilmington, Delaware. The 300,000-square-metre complex will home production of upcoming Fisker plug-in electric hybrid vehicles.
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Fisker bought the factory off Motors Liquidation Company - the holding company formed by GM Corporation's bankruptcy - for $20 million. The Department of Energy in America has also provided a $528.7 million loan for the development of two production lines of plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Fisker's second line of hybrid vehicles, also known as project NINA, will be Wilmington's main operation, offering more than 2000 local jobs.

In a report released yesterday, Bernhard Koehler, COO, Fisker Automotive said,

“This is a major step toward creating thousands of manufacturing jobs and restoring America as a leader in the global auto industry. Wilmington will be instrumental in fulfilling our plans to export more than half of Fisker premium plug-in hybrid production to global markets.”

The factory first opened in 1947 and ran up until 2009, when it closed due to GM's financial hardship. The factory is said to have produced over 8.5 million cars during the 62-year period.

It's just a matter of time before that sleek Fisker Karma is be born and released, now that it has a worthy production facility.