Do you know a BAD Driver?

Someone is making a brand new TV show about really bad drivers and from where I sit, Australia has their fair share of them.
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I once saw a driver take near enough to twenty minutes perform a simple parallel parking manoeuvre, much to the dismay of a crowd of onlookers at an outside pub, only to become live entertainment for this rowdy lot. In the end, I felt sorry for this member of the clergy and parked the car for him , which was followed by cheers and clapping from the mob.

That said there are literally dozens of examples of ‘bad’ driving on our roads each and every day and chances are, you probably know one or two worthy contestants for “I know a Bad Driver”.

If you would like to nominate someone, just go to and fill out the form.

The eventual winner of the show not only gets some well-earned driving lessons but will also take home a brand new car!

I wonder who will be insuring the said winner's car?

Entries Close 1st August, 2010.