Porsche has been targeted by a few publicity stunts lately, all designed at patronising the company's credentials as a performance marque; there was the Nurburgring Nissan GT-R challenge and then the Mini challenge not too long ago. Now it seems Nissan is at it again.
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Nissan took the recent Goodwood Festival of Speed as a chance to post its latest advertising campaign in front of a big target market. Mocking other brands through a scoring system of achievements, specifically based on Nurburgring lap times, the ad outlines how many times Nissan has beaten other companies. The ad was originally posted on London's Imax theatre and also contains the punch line, 'How to beat the Germans'.

Porsche saw the ad at the Goodwood Festival and became quite infuriated. Porsche is now claiming Nissan breach copyright laws by using its logo in the ad. Reports say Porsche filed a complaint and are threatening to sue Nissan over the matter.

In the end, it's all free publicity for both manufacturers.