As reported by Autocar this week, Citreon is looking at producing a couple of cars that are thoroughly based on all-out, futuristic concepts. The Citroen Survolt and Citroen Metropolis are cars Citroen is seriously considering.
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A source in the report confirmed, “It’s still our intention to put the Survolt into low-volume production, and we’re pursuing the idea of a one-make race series.”

Citroen showcased the Survolt at last weekend's LeMans Classic race, where it provoked a lot of public interest. Speculations say the production car would use the exact same specification engine as the concept car demonstration at LeMans too, meaning 1000Nm of torque and 185kW of power.

Also on the production front, Citroen is considering production of the Metropolis luxury sedan to compete against German rivals.

PSA Peugeot Citroen design boss, Jean-Pierre Ploué, said to Autocar,

“We cannot afford to let the likes of Audi, Mercedes and BMW forge into Citroën’s heartland supermini territory without fighting back and pushing into theirs. Selling large luxury cars in Europe is not easy at the moment, but I believe Citroën has a great deal more to bring to the market."

Jean-Pierre Ploué also told Autocar a large DS flagship model could present the market with a refreshing alternative, and even mentioned that they could call it a DS9 to reference the original DS19 of the Fifties and Sixties.

Ploué also said producing such a car for the Chinese market could also be a wise option.