Mansory Rolls Royce White Ghost Limited

As per usual Friday afternoon news, we bring you the latest in automotive expensiveness. Meet the Mansory-fettled Rolls Royce White Ghost Limited. We suspect the term White Ghost is referring to the expression of one's face after looking at the price tag.
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The team at Mansory fit the Rolls Royce Ghost with a very discreet bodykit - small skirts, rear deck lip spoiler and new rear apron with integrated diffuser - and additional LED-encrusted side mirrors. The car is also treated to 22 inch wheels and more LED lights in the front bumper.

The two side doors swing open like a welcoming mansion, inviting you into the most luxurious interior you've ever seen; you'd swear you just fell into a Mars bar once inside.

Stinking of nougat, caramel, chocolate and cookie cream, the internal Mansory massage gives the Ghost a warm heart contrasting the somewhat cold, stainless steel-looking exterior.

Of course there's LCD screens in the rear front seats, sir.

Mansory aren't just about aesthetics and enticing decor either, they've also broken out with the spanners and wrenched an extra 49kW out of the motor, resulting in 469kW. There's also a massive 860Nm of torque available.

These numbers are indeed as highly regarded as the spirit of ecstasy poking through the bonnet too, because it'll achieve the 0-100km/h test in just 4.5 seconds, which is simply astonishing for a car of this weight. Imagine the inertia experienced whilst shifting 2360kg of million-dollar mass.

If you need to know the price, think $175,000 on top of the $645,000 Rolls Royce Ghost price tag. It is simply stunning, though.