Citroen DS3 voted 2010 coolest car

Even though the hugely-anticipated Citroen DS3 isn't scheduled to go on sale in Australia until October, the DS3 has already been voted as one of the coolest things to have in 2010 by Stuff magazine.
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The top-selling gadget magazine chose the Citroen DS3 along with 15 other great inventions such as the Apple iPad and Dyson's bladeless fan.

The magazine included the DS3 into the list because of its uniqueness and funky looks, with the article saying,

“The DS3 comes in a bewildering array of colour combinations. And, for what will surely be a limited time only, isn’t as common as all the Minis we keep seeing on the roads. All that makes it the hip car to have.”

Interestingly, the complete 2010 Cool List, featured in the July issue of Stuff Magazine, doesn't feature any other car. Stay tuned for more updates on the DS3 as that release date approaches.