These are exciting times for Lamborghini as the supercar maker announces the opening of a new Advanced Composites Research Centre (ACRC) at their headquarters in Sant’Agata Bolognese. The new research facility is set to play an integral role in the future of Lamborghini.
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The 2,600 square metre facility houses 30 skilled Lamborghini engineers and technicians, each charged with the job of developing new innovative design and efficient production methods for Carbon Fibre elements.

The opening of the centre is timely as pressures are forever increasing on car manufactures to reduce CO2 emissions from vehicles.

Using simple logic, Lamborghini has recognised that building lighter weight vehicles can reduce CO2 emissions through improved fuel consumption. All of which can be achieved through the use of advanced carbon fibre construction.

This will not only see future cars become greener but will also improve handling characteristics, braking performance and acceleration, making the ACRC a worthy investment for the company.

The use of carbon fibre construction is certainly not new territory for Lamborghini, as the supercar maker has been using the technology for over 25 years. The latest example of Lamborghini using this technology can be seen in the 2010 Gallardo LP-570 Superleggera. Through the use of Carbon Fibre construction this latest track focused Gallardo saves a significant 70kgs in weight compared to the regular Gallardo LP-560 Model.

While we can expect the developments from the ACRC to feature in the next generation of Lamborghini Supercars, we can almost be certain that these new developments will eventually filter through to other brands in the Volkswagen group.